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To My Hipster Pup Moms and Dads,

I am a mom of a 14-year-old beagle named Mong, and we're based in Bethesda, Maryland. As Mong got older, his stomach became sensitive, so I began making healthier treats for him. Whenever I bake, Mong stays close by, giving me those irresistible "puppy eyes," as if asking to try them. And, his happy tail wags let me know I've made the ultimate dog treat: delicious, nutritious, and Mong-approved!

We make dog treats using only 100% human-grade dog-friendly ingredients. All our treats are freshly made to order in my home kitchen with love.

To My Pup Friends,

Woof Woof, welcome to Woofbébé!

Are you tired of the same old treats, my friend? I know you're not just any ordinary dog—you're extraordinary! Both you and your owner deserve some excitement in your lives. Why not try something new and adventurous? With Woofbébé, you can explore a world of unique tastes and experiences that will have your tail wagging with joy!

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  • Name: Mong (the space-loving dog)

  • Favorite things: Exploring through the stars and savoring Woofbebe's doggy delights!

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